From scintillating sunshine to murky, low light conditions... Spotting a fish can be difficult at the best of times, even in apparently perfect weather conditions. That's why you need all the vital equipment you can get your hands on to hook your latest catch more quickly and easily than ever before. This is where a great set of sunglasses come into play...

Your fishing experience can be significantly enhanced by the type of sunglasses you use. Everyday fashion sunglasses incorporate different lens colours largely for aesthetic purposes, however fishing sunglasses make use of tinted lenses for a different reason.

The colour of your fishing sunglasses may actually make all the difference between seeing a fish moving around in the water and being almost completely invisible to the naked eye. You may think that an ordinary pair of sunglasses will do the trick - and your favourite mirrored or polarised pair may provide some level of visual improvement - however, a true fishing fanatic needs sunglasses that are made precisely for the purposes of angling.

In fact, each and every lens colour available will offer its own unique benefits to suit the visual conditions of the environment you're planning to fish in.

So, What Tint Of Sunglasses Is Best For Fishing?

The tint you choose really depends on the light conditions you find yourself in. Typically, green, grey and blue will be the most common lens colours you come across:

  • Green - sight fishing lenses that offer visual improvement, glare reduction and added contrast in shallow water, flats and inshore fishing locations. They're also suitable for sunny, overcast, cloudy and poor light environments.
  • Grey - changeable weather lenses that are great if you're unsure what the light conditions will be like or if you find yourself in dimmer conditions than you were expecting. You'll experience accurate colour identification as well as reduced eye fatigue and eye strain if you suffer from vision issues during longer fishing trips.
  • Blue - bright light and deep water lenses that are designed to mirror the colours of the deep open ocean. They bounce glare and dazzling light away from your eyes to increase vision and reduce eye strain, providing visual comfort, improved contrast and clarity while you're fishing out at sea.

What About Polarised & Mirrored Sunglasses?

Whether you choose polarised or mirrored sunglasses is up to you. Mirrored lenses are highly reflective and reduce light while offering UV protection. Polarised lenses are made with a glare-minimising filter that controls glare and enhances visual clarity. Both are brilliant for fishing and therefore you can opt for whichever type of sunglasses suits your individual fishing requirements and personal preferences.

What We Offer...

At Tidal Drift Fishing, we provide a selection of sunglasses that have been carefully handpicked to enhance your angling adventures. We've chosen high quality eyewear from trusted brands including Greys and Waterhaul.

Greys G1 Gloss Black Fishing Sunglasses - Green/Grey Lenses

Great for changeable weather and poor light conditions...

The G1 by Greys are the perfect sunglasses for any fisherman, made with polarised polycarbonate lenses and a hydrophobic coating to adapt perfectly to everyday fishing conditions.

Greys G2 Gloss Black Fishing Sunglasses - Green Mirror Lenses

A sight fishing essential...

The G2 by Greys are a must-have for sunning conditions or cloudy overcast days, giving you the best lenses for a range of different fair weather and poor light conditions. The green mirror lenses will also help to reduce glare and enhance light contrast to aid in spotting your next catch much more easily.

Waterhaul Pentire Slate Fishing Sunglasses - Blue Mirror Lenses

Your go-to for ocean fishing...

Made from 100% recycled fishing nets and lines, paired with Polarised Mineral Glass+ lenses, Waterhaul Pentire Fishing Glasses give you ultimate UVA/UVB 400 protection and will reflect bright light away from your eyes. Perfect for increasing visual clarity while you're fishing in deep water.

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